This is to inform you that starting from 01.06.2009 you can use International Bank Account Number (IBAN) even in Albania.

Albanian IBAN is the structure of IBAN (International Bank Account Number) used in the Republic of Albania, which identifies in National and International level, client’s account number in a licensed bank that uses its activity within Republic of Albania.

According to the Bank of Albania regulations “On the structure and use of the International Bank Account Number (IBAN)”, approved by Supervisory Council decision No.42, date 16.07.2008, IBANin Albanian Republic is made from 28 characters.

The aim of using IBAN is to facilitate automatic transfer process and to raise the data quality of any transaction and the reduction of the manual process. IBAN improve the quality, efficiency and the time required to perform a domestic and international transfer, with a high security level.

Completing an inter bank transfer, domestic or international, every bank in Albania will require the beneficiary customer’s IBAN, if it is applicable in beneficiary’s country, and BIC code SWIFT of the beneficiary Bank.

The Bank will accept transfer instructions where the account numbers are like IBAN form or as account existing structure until 31.12.2009.

For every transfer, incoming or outgoing, the Bank verifies the validity of the IBAN of the ordering customer’s accounts and beneficiary’s account involved in the transaction process. If there is any inexactness in the validity procedures, the Bank refuses to execute the respective payment.


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